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About Us.

At Lakeside Pictures, we are driven by a passion for telling stories in all forms. Founded in 2016, we specialize in film and commercial production, offering a full suite of services that include pre-production, production, post-production, and project management.

We’re client-focused, and strive to create innovative, meaningful, and memorable work that resonates with clients and audiences alike. We work with a wide array of brands and partners to bring stories alive on the screen. We hope you’ll join us on the journey!

Sébastien is a Swiss and Dutch writer, director and producer, and co-founder of Lakeside Pictures. After studying directing and screenwriting in Bologna (Italy) and at UCLA (Los Angeles, USA), he moved to London to complete his studies at Met Film School, where he graduated with first class honours. Since graduating, he wrote, directed and produced more than a dozen short films; the most recent, "Fifteen", was selected into a wide range of film festivals worldwide and it’s distributed by Shorts TV. Sébastien has also produced a feature film, "Scandal in ’97", distributed by High Fliers Films, and directed another, "Cerebrum", which premiered at Frightfest 2022, won Best Horror Feature at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival and was released in 2023 by TUBI and Signature Entertainment. He has a variety of projects in development, including two more feature films and a TV series.

Davide is a Swiss and Italian producer and actor based in London. He started his career in Switzerland, acting in local plays and films when he was only 8, gradually moving behind the scenes over the years. He then moved to London where he obtained a BA in filmmaking, specialising in film production. In the last few years, he has produced a variety of short form content, from short films to music videos and commercials, as well as production coordinating on feature films and for the renowed online brand BuzzFeed. Most recently he has produced his second feature film, "Cerebrum", released in 2023 by TUBI and Signature Entertainment.

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Marco is a Swiss and Italian producer, and co-founder of Lakeside Pictures. He studied economics at Zurich University and , after working with Sebastien on their first film together, decided to move into the film business. He spends his time between Lugano, Zurich and London working on a wide range of projects.

Jamie Touche is an award winning Cinematographer specialising in narrative feature and short films, TV documentaries, music videos and commercials. He has been nominated for the BSC Best Short Film Cinematography award, and won individual awards at the WILDSound Film Festival as well as the New York Independent Cinema Awards. He has shot two feature films: ‘Cerebrum’ premiered at Frightfest 2022; ‘Scandal in ‘97’ was distributed on Sky in the UK and Hulu in the USA. He is an NFTS Cinematography Alumnus and is currently working between London and Europe.

Behind Our Scenes.
Cerebrum film
Bayonet short film
Cerebrum film
Cerebrum film
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