Directed by: Alex Smith & Florian Thess

Written by: Alex Smith

Starring: Ben Ayers, Simon Tuche

Short film

Shortly after WW2 has ended, two young and insecure soldiers from opposite factions find themselves involved in a merciless and senseless battle, where they will realise that helping each other is the only way to survive.


Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Sebastien Blanc

Starring: Cheryl Burniston, Carolyn English

Short film

A rebellious teenage girl is sent to a remote village in the Swiss mountains where she'll have to face the ire of her mother and a mysterious cult in a fight for what she holds dearest.


Directed by: Antonia Ackermans

Written by: Antonia Ackermans

Starring: Poppy Kennard-Barden, Kate Kelly

Short film

As she's forced to buy her first pair of glasses Tash, a young girl with a passion for 70s music, struggles to fit in with her friends and to be herself.