Nowhere SAFE

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Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Sebastien Blanc, Jamie Touche

Feature film

With her parents’ relationship in turmoil, an anxious teen battles for her sanity against a phantom from her past and is forced to confront the bleak truths connecting them.


Blessed Are they that fear the lord

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Directed by: Leoni Tenius

Written by: Leoni Tenius

Feature film

Influenced by her free spirited upbringing in the United States of America, Ada goes on a challenging journey through England to escape her violent husband and to return to America.



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Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Jamie Touche, Sebastien Blanc

Feature film

Gilbert lives on a cliff saving people from committing suicide, and has been doing so for 10 years. The appearance of a terminally ill young woman, however, shakes his life: together they will embark on a journey through Europe to find the true meaning of Gilbert's life.


Untitled Romance/Thriller

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Directed by: Jan Malcolm Janurberg

Written by: Jan Malcolm Janurberg

Feature film

When a young model, tired of her lifestyle and the burdens of fame, moves to a small flat in search for peace, her life takes an unexpected turn pushing her to her very limits.