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Written by: Sebastien Blanc & Davide Marangoni

Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Produced by: Davide Marangoni

Feature film

After a car accident, an insecure young man awakens from a year-long coma to find his family and life slowly turning into a surreal nightmare.



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Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Martin McNamara

Feature film

In a violent man's world, Lule's only route to revenge is to become a man. A Sworn Virgin.


The matron

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Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Sebastien Blanc, Davide Marangoni

Feature film

A rebellious teenage girl is sent to a remote village in the Swiss mountains where she'll have to face the ire of her mother and a mysterious cult in a fght for what she holds dearest.



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Directed by: Sebastien Blanc

Written by: Jamie Touche, Sebastien Blanc

Feature film

Gilbert lives on a cliff saving people from committing suicide, and has been doing so for 10 years. The appearance of a terminally ill young woman, however, shakes his life: together they will embark on a journey through Europe to find the true meaning of Gilbert's life.


Peaches & Cream

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Directed by: Chloe White

Written by: Chloe White

Short film

A precocious China doll and a jaded sex doll form an unlikely friendship united by their desire to be free of their owners’ expectations and to explore the world beyond the four walls which entrap them.